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If you are a MtT Customer and you don't have sign in credentials to our Customer Portal (e.g.: if you purchased themes from us before August 2014), please enter below the 9-digit Share-it reference number of your order with us, in order to have your account created and get your sign in information. Along with that, please enter the email address you want to use with us.

In the email you will receive click "Activate my Account". Right after your account is activated, you will be able to access your purchased theme files, and get Technical Assistance regarding those.

Optionally, if you have purchased more than one products from us, rather than having to enter one-by-one all the Share-it reference numbers, you can simply list the names of the products you have purchased in the text-field, at the end of this form. Once validated with our records, your orders will show up under your MtT Account in our Portal.

Non MtT Customers

Please contact sales, using our Live chat at the side or our Contact form, for any questions.

In the email, that was delivered after the purchase, this number is mentioned as: "ShareIt Ref # = 999999999"
Please enter the email that was used for the purchase.
Please mention the products you have purchased.

Real Life Words About Us

All contributed by real-life people.

  • Just completed my new Showcase+ Drupal 8 web site. It's a super impressive theme with very intuitive customisation features.

    Colin Jones

    February, 2019

  • Thanks – that has done it. This is why I love you guys so much!

    Stefan Lange

    COSTA machinery GmbH
    October, 2018

  • Great! Thanks for this quick answer. 5 star service!

    Patrick Lauwers

    D'iva Schoonheidssalon
    October, 2018

  • That’s fantastic. looks fantastic. You’re hired :-) Corporate Plus is a masterpiece of design. Layers upon layers..

    James Danforth

    Starlight Energies
    March 2018

  • I’ve bought many themes before, most are junk. I’ve gotta say, this theme is very well built. Kudo’s to the developers who put in the extra effort.

    Kevin Herda
    February 2018

  • Thank you very much for your help. You really are 'The Experts'.

    Eder Miranda