Doing our best to support you

This is an unprecedented time for all of us.

We are coming across stories from the web community where people are laid off and are required to start freelancing right away. We hear from small companies that need to update their online presence faster than ever, so as to keep some business (and cash) flowing. We know individuals that need to build their brand new personal website as soon as possible and get some exposure for their skills and work experience. We come across people that are severely impacted.

We are impacted too. And we cannot do much to fix a lot of these problems. But we do want to try and offer some support, as much support as we can during this time.

And our best way to help with this is by introducing a big 35% discount on all our products, including our bundle with the ever-growing selection of 41 theme distributions. To get this discount, all you need to do is use the following coupon at checkout (aimed to help as a reminder on what we all need to do these weird times):

We plan to keep the discount available until the end of April middle of May, which is when we’re planning to review the situation again.

At the same time, as a 100% distributed team with all members working remotely, we’ll continue to work on new products while stepping up our efforts to provide you quick and efficient support.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

The team at More than Themes

Real Life Words About Us

All contributed by real-life people.

  • I’m still and over and over again amazed by your professional help, a great theme conference+, exactly what we need at a fraction of the cost for people like us, a non profit organization (NPO) with low budjet. Awesome support - above and beyond...

    Lothar Matter, Webmaster and Vice President

    ISTDP Switzerland
    September, 2020

  • You rock! Thank you so much. You have restored my faith in Drupal. You gave Drupal a face it hardly ever had in terms of user experience at a fraction of the cost of ownership making it possible for people like me in developing economies to...

    John Obiorah, CEO/MD/CTO
  • Minimal plus is just an awesome theme, because it is at the same time clean and fancy, very different from the mass.

    Alberto Cascione

    Alberto Cascione
    April, 2020

  • Awesome support - above and beyond just fixing my problems to providing invaluable advice. Thanks so much!

    William Kudrle
    December, 2019

  • Drupal without More than Themes' code as a base would be unthinkable.

    Marilyn Perry
  • Just completed my new Showcase+ Drupal 8 web site. It's a super impressive theme with very intuitive customisation features.

    Colin Jones

    February, 2019