Personal blogging revisited.

Combining awesome design and typography, with the power of Drupal.

HTML+PSD theme availablePremium Drupal theme available
For Drupal 7.


Beautiful and sophisticated yet lightweight.

Gorgeous design built to the last detail using HTML and CSS rather than images.

960px. 984px. 1040px. Whatever you wish.

Blozzit comes with tree available built-in widths that you can choose from. All of them just a click away, through your theme settings.

Enhanced “Article”, the way it should be.

An enhanced version of “Article”. An article with images, multiple tags and image gallery. You are gonna love this way of posting on your site.

Color flavors

Two awesome color flavors. Easy to switch, with a single click through your theme settings.

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Blozzit comes with built-in Twitter integration. Simply enter your Twitter account into the Blozzit’s twitter module configuration and voila: a block with your latest tweets is there.

Image management, the auto-way.

Blozzit makes the most of the Image module and other techniques for auto-detection and auto-resizing of attached images. Pixel perfect thumbnails are created automatically so that you won’t need to upload cropped images yourself.

Show your visitors you love’em. Especially returning ones.

Blozzit is configured to let your users create their own signatures making comments personalized.

Boost conversation even more.

Comments in Blozzit are more than more comments. They’re parts of an ongoing dialog and it shows.

Tags Cloud.

Preconfigured, Views powered, Tags Cloud block with nodes counter is ready to be used.

Tailor-made to your taste.

Configure your theme with a single click. Theme’s settings option allow you to enable or disable breadcrumb, change the color scheme or adjust the width of your site.

Drupal features

Easy setup with installation profile

With its built-in installation profile it’s easy to run a clean installation of BlozZit and have it up and running in a minute. Right after that, all you have to do is replace the "dummy" content with yours and your site is ready.

Built with SEO in mind

Carefully crafted to comply with all the best practices recommended for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), like supporting clean URLs. Thoroughly tested to ensure full compatibility with all major SEO-related Drupal modules and practices.

Contact Form

Drupal’s built-in Contact form carefully styled to match the look’n’feel of the theme.

Multiple Regions

Blozzit comes with preconfigured editable regions where you can add your own blocks.

Extented Drupal

The latest versions of Views and Chaos tools suite modules come built-in with the installation profile, transforming the Drupal platform into a user-friendly publishing machine.

Standard features

Cross-browser compatible.

Thoroughly tested to be fully compatible with all modern web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE8 and IE9.

Social media integration.

“Follow me” links are built-in into the design and functionality.


Just "Standards".


Thoroughly researched typography, with custom text styles for all HTML elements (text, list, form, tables) and support for Google fonts.

Crystal-clear mark-up.

We do our best to leave our code clear. We want you to easily read, understand and modify our code without pain.

Unique support.

We are here to share our passion for the web with you. Just contact us or check our constantly updated Wiki.

Hands-On Testing

MoreThan (just) a theme. A toolset.

Choosing one of our themes what you get is More than (just) a Theme.
What you get is a complete Drupal distribution with an installation profile, which installs easily and is fully-functional in a minute.
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